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Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management

Visglobe Engineering and Inspection Services (VEIS) provides value added services in the areas of Asset Integrity Management.
Detailed Description

Consultancy and implementation on Risk Based Inspection  (RBI), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

  • Base Line Surveyof Plant equipment, Piping and structures

  • Inspection, Testing and assessment of Operating Assets.

  • Remnant Life Assessment and life Extension study and consultancy

  • Condition Monitoring and Corrosion Management services

  • Evaluation of Ageing Assets and Maintenance Support

  • Fitness For Service Assessment (FFS) and remediation

  • Asset Integrity Reports

Asset Integrity Management:

  • Consultancy and implementation of Risk Based Inspection services as per API 580 / API 581 for Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, LNG, Chemicals, Pipelines, offshore facilities,and other process units / plantsas well as carrying out periodic inspection under RBI Program.

  • Consultancy and Implementation of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) as per BS / ISO 55000 for the above industries.

  • Consultancy and Implementation of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) for Rotating Mechanical Equipment.

  • Consultancy and Implementation of Safety Integrity levels, Instrumentation protection systems.

  • Carry out Base Line survey for Plant Equipment, Piping and Structures

  • Validation of As-Built equipment details with actual measurements during construction / Pre-Commissioning stages.

  • Condition monitoring of operating plant assets viz. equipment, Piping and Structures.

  • Asset Life Studies of Piping,equipment, Machinery and Structures.

  • Fitness for Service assessment of In-plant equipment andpiping as perAPI579-1 & 2 and structures as per BS 7910 and remediation.

  • Study and remediation on Remnant Life assessment and evaluation of ageing In-plant equipment, piping and structure

  • Study of Corrosion mechanism, corrosion management and preparation of Inspection reference and corrosionplans.

  • Study of various modes of material degradation / damages mechanismand failure of the operating equipment,piping and structure.

  • Inspection and testing of in service operating plant piping, equipment, machinery and structures as per the following standards and customer specifications.

          API 510- Pressure Vessel Inspection Code,

          API 570- Piping system inspection, repair, alteration etc. Inspection code,

          API 653-Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Re-Construction,

          API RP 572-Inspection of Pressure Vessels),

          API RP 574- Inspection of Piping Component,

          API RP 576- Inspection of Pressure-relieving Devices,

          API 579-1 & 2 Fitness-For-Service,

          API RP 571- Damage Mechanisms affecting fixed equipment.

  • Integrated Data acquisition, Evaluation, Assessments and Managements.

  • Generation of inspection reports, evaluation of inspection findings and recommendations / remediation for equipment,piping and structure.

  • Carry out conventional and advance NDT Services as per various National and International Codes and Standards, Customer Specifications etc.

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