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Design Engineering Services

Design Engineering Services

Visglobe Engineering and Inspection Services (VEIS) provides value added services in the areas of Design Engineering Services.
Detailed Description

Visglobe Engineering and Inspection Services (VEIS) provides value added services in the areas of Design Engineering Services.

  • Process and Safety Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Piping and Pipeline Engineering

  • Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Instrumentation Engineering

  • Multi-Discipline 3D Modelling using SP 3D,PDMS, PDS and CAD work Software.

Design Engineering Services:

1) In-house Engineering Services:

  • Conceptual Engineering

  • FEED/ Basic Engineering

  • Detailed Engineering

  • Engineering Support for Procurement

  • Field Engineering Support-Fabrication, Erection, Hook up, Commissioning & Operation

  • As-built Engineering

  • Brownfield Engineering

  • PMC and Project Expediting services

  • EPC Manpower Deputation to Support EPC Project - Client office/ Project Site.

  • Technical and software Trainings

2) Process Engineering:

  • Concept identification, selection & Conceptual Engineering.

  • Process system design & sizing calculations

  • Steady State and Dynamic/Engineering simulation

  • Study of thermo-hydrodynamic and fluid behavior of  Pipeline transportation systems.

  • Process design philosophies

  • PFD /Mass and energy balance calculations

  • Piping and instrumentation diagram

  • Process data sheets

  • Load list, Equipment list

  • Process Instrumentation & control

  • SP PID- As-building / intelligent data conversion.

  • Expertise in Operator Training Simulator

3) Mechanical Engineering:

  • Mechanical datasheet and Specifications for Static and Rotating Equipment

  • GA drawings/Detailed Fabrication drawings with nozzle orientations.

  • Thermal Design and Sizing

  • Material handling study

  • HVAC design calculations, equipment sizing specifications, Duct fabrication drawings.

  • REQ and BID evaluations for all Skids, static, rotating & HVAC

  • PV Elite, Compress, E-Tank, HVAC solutions/Carmel software tools are used.

  • Field engineering Support for static equipment fabrication & Commissioning.

4) Piping Engineering:

  • Piping Materials & Valve Specifications/Datasheets

  • RFQ/PR for Piping & valves materials

  • Technical bid evaluations for Piping & special piping comments.

  • Development of Equipment-GAD

  • Piping Layout- GAD

  • MTO

  • Piping supports Design and Detail drawings

  • Detailed Fabrication drawings/Spool Isometrics

  • Piping expert supports for procurement/ Construction and Pre-Commissioning

  • Pipe stress analysis using CEASAR-2, Triflex, AUTOPIPE software.

5) 3D Modeling& Laser Scanning Services:

  • 3D modeling Services

  • Intergraph PPM tools – PDS/ SP3D/S3D/CADWORKS 

  • Multidiscipline Modeling for Equipment, Piping, Structure Instrumentation, Electrical-cable and trays.

  • Aveva PDMS/E3D-Multidiscipline PDMS Modeling

  • AUTODESK-Plant 3D

  • As-built Engineering and data incorporation in to 2D & 3D Models

  • Data Conversion from among 3D tools. 3D tools like CADWORKS, AUTOPLANT, CADPIPE, PROCAD, CADMATIC, PLANT4D to PDS/PDMS/E3D/SP3D/S3D

  • Laser Scanning and conversion to intelligent 3D model

6) Civil & Structural Engineering

6.1) Structural Engineering

  • Structural Specifications, Design & Analysis of Plant facility structures

  • Structural Detailing & Fabrication drawings

  • 3D Structural Modeling

6.2) Civil Engineering:

  • Land Development & Site Preparations

  • Underground facilities Design- FOUNDATIONS, Plumbing, Drains Trench, Culvert, Pipeline etc.

  • Infrastructure Design: Dams, Roads, Bridges, Highway, Port facilities, Pipelines, living quarters.

7) Electrical Engineering:

  • Design basis, Electrical Equipment sizing, datasheet & Specifications

  • Load calculations, fault analysis, Cable sizing & Scheduling, Tray sizing, Tower design, transformer sizing.

  • Power system simulation calculations using ETAP/EDSA Software

  • SLD, Wiring diagram & Cable Tray Layouts

  • Lighting layouts

  • 3D Modeling – Cable tray, Lighting & Electrical Equipment

8) Instrumentation Engineering:

  • Instrument Design Basis

  • Flow elements, Control valve sizing specification & datasheets

  • P & ID’s review, Logic diagrams & Loop diagrams

  • Control system design & specification and hardware selection.

  • Wiring drawings

  • Instrument Hook-ups

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